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Enter the world of financial enlightenment with Mr. Gunjan, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) boasting a prestigious certification issued by the Financial Planning Standards Board India. With 15 years of industry experience, Mr. Gunjan’s expertise aligns with the stringent benchmarks of training, examination, experience, and ethical standards required for CFPCM. The Financial Planning Process fee structure involves an upfront fee for year-round financial advisory services, with the first year priced at Rs. 8,000 and subsequent years at Rs. 4,000. The convenience of online interaction via Skype and WhatsApp audio/video calls breaks geographical barriers, ensuring accessibility for clients worldwide. To initiate the Financial Planning Process, clients are encouraged to download the Personal Financial Data Sheet and email it to gunjanmaheshwari7@gmail.com. Located in Noida, the office address is B-1/36, B Block Central Market, Sector 50, Noida – 201301. Trust Mr. Gunjan to guide you through the complexities of financial planning, leveraging his wealth of experience and commitment to ethical standards.

Financial planning, a meticulous process facilitating informed financial decisions, is demystified by Mr. Gunjan, a seasoned CFP with 15 years of industry expertise. In today’s complex financial landscape, managing monetary matters can be challenging, and Mr. Gunjan’s services transcend mere product selection. The CFPCM certification, globally recognized and revered, underscores Mr. Gunjan’s commitment to professionalism. The Financial Planning Process, initiated by understanding the client’s financial status and expectations, involves data gathering, analysis, and assessment. Mr. Gunjan then develops financial planning recommendations, ensuring client comprehension before implementation. The ongoing review and monitoring of financial plans guarantee clients remain on the right path, with periodic revisions to accommodate lifestyle changes. Importantly, Mr. Gunjan does not guarantee specific returns, nor does he endorse frequent portfolio churns. He guides clients away from direct stock investments and provides advice on tax-efficient investment strategies, refraining from directly assisting with IT returns filing. With Mr. Gunjan, expect trustworthiness, expertise, and a commitment to your financial success.



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