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At Commex, our team of psychologists and therapists provide counselling for a wide array of life challenges faced by Youth (15-24 years), Children, individuals in midlife and senior citizens.

We also provide Career Counselling to Students and professionals.

Our therapy sessions can be conducted online as well as face-to-face sessions.

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Psychological Counselling & Therapy

Following are the services that are provided by Counselling Psychologists-

  • Counselling for Challenges faced by YOUTH (15 – 24 Years)
  • Anger management
  • Procrastination
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Personal development
  • Stress management
  • Work – life balance
  • Motivation Issues
  • Parental & peer pressure
  • Self – esteem issues

Challenges faced by YOUTH (15 – 24 years)

  • Dealing with hurt
  • Self – acceptance & self – care
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Dealing with anger & loneliness
  • Burnout
  • Procrastination
  • Exam Stress & time management issue
  • Negative stereotyping
  • Obesity
  • Materialism
  • Family problems
  • Failure to succeed in education system
  • Pressure of 24-hour social networking

During the session, our psychologist will make sure you feel better while they LISTEN– to your emotions, your most random thoughts, your concerns, your worries & your joys. Our counselling psychologist will equip you with an understanding of yourself & techniques so that you can navigate through life in a better, smoother manner.

Our counselling psychologist will be adhering to the strictest of ethical and professional standards in regards to privacy and confidentiality. The Identity of clients is never disclosed.

We provide reasonable and Value-for-Money Counselling sessions.

Career Counselling

We can understand that selecting a career can cause a certain amount of worry and confusion. However, we aim to address and diffuse your doubts by giving you appropriate information to determine your career trajectory regardless of age or previous career path. Additionally, we make this process a fun, insightful experience.


Our individualized career sessions will cover the following aspects:

  • Career assessments and evaluations
  • Resume building
  • Assistance with writing statement of purpose and college essays
  • Interview preparation via mock interviews
  • Guidance with selecting universities
  • Career decision making
  • Helping students in writing their research papers

During sessions our psychologist will help you cope with your problems by:

  • Equipping you with lifetime techniques to help yourself.
  • Listening to you & working with you on a personalized care with expert professionals.
  • Providing you with a day-wise mental health development program.

Commex institute (Accounts Coaching) provide career planing for Students.

We also have a dedicated Career Planning team that helps School Students, working professionals and individuals. identify

a) Identify your true Interest – You can take our Interest identification test by scanning the below bar-code

For Comprehensive planning as a next step you can enroll in below programs

(i) Career Compass – Career Planning Program – Systematic career planning for a focused and successful career. Using the inputs from Psychometric assessment & validation from parents, our mentors will build a list of strengths & seek awesome possibilities in world of work for your child. They will set a purpose in the world of work & create a career path to achieve their dreams. 

(ii)  Career Navigator – Career Development Program – Along with systematic Career Planning (Career Compass), your child will also get 3 years handholding of the mentor, who will walk the path along with your child for their development and help them to make it happen and build a successful career.

Careers are not made in a day. As our esteemed customers and being part of Commex-Dheya family, which is a commitment for life, we will be providing following ‘Free of Cost’ to the students in addition, so they remain connected with Commex and are benefitted for life:-  

  1. Mentor for Life – Even after the sessions are over, if the students have any doubts they can connect with their respective mentors for clarification.  
  2. Student Dashboard – We are preparing a student dashboard, which will help the students in keeping a track their activities, explore various trending & futuristic careers, information on various colleges, courses etc.  It will also help the students to stay in touch with their mentors. This dashboard will be ready by Dec 2020 and will be provided to all the students with their personalized log in ID.   
  1. Invitation to Commex-Dheya Masterpieces – Successful students who have achieved something in their careers or have created something unique are invited & hosted on Dheya Masterpieces platform for discussions / interview / testimonials etc and are promoted  on various social media.  
  2. Invitation to Commex-Dheya Career Webinars – Students will get invites to attend webinars hosted by Dheya on careers, self development and other youth related topics, to make them aware on the latest happenings and learn on interaction with professionals from the fields.   
  3. Alumni Membership – Students and their parents will get to attend our monthly online Career Development Workshops, hosted by our mentors to discuss various career related, parenting and other relevant topics.  
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