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Mr. Gunjan is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). This is a prestigious and coveted certification issued (by Financial Planning Standards Board India in India) to people who meet the stringent benchmarks of training, examination, experience & ethical standards. It is a highly coveted  Financial Planning certification and is acknowledged globally.
The fee of Financial Planning Process
The upfront fee what you pay to me is my earning source. This fee is for my services as a financial adviser during crucial investment decisions throughout the year and not only for financial planning and yearly review.
For Resident and Non-Resident Indians-
Subsequent year’s-Rs.4,000.
To start the financial Planning process we suggest you to download the  Personal Financial Data sheet  (By Clicking on this link) and send it to  Gunjanmaheshwari7@gmail.com
How can you Reach me?
Distance is not a limitation in today’s Tech world, So I can provide advice to the clients who stay in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or in any part of the world. I use tools like Skype and Whatsapp audio and video calls, to interact with clients. My contact details are as below.
Email-gunjanmaheshwari7@gmail.com (primary email)
Office Address:-
Gunjan Maheshwari
B 1 / 36, B Block Central Market,
Sector 50,
Noida – 201301
What is the meaning of Financial Planning?
Managing your finances or monetary matters in today’s complex and confusing financial scenario is a headache even for financially savvy individuals.  A worldwide research by FPSB (Financial Planning Standards Board) finds that most individuals feel challenged and perplexed while trying to manage their finances.
Financial Planning is a meticulous process that helps you make informed decisions about your finances enabling you achieve your financial goals in life. It must be kept in mind that Financial planning is not just about choosing the right financial product (like Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, FD’s or Bonds), but also involves nature of  individual, stage of life (unmarried, married, retired)  and other personal circumstances.
To ascertain the factors influencing selection of Financial Consultant by an investor, FPSB conducted a survey involving nearly 20,000 people in nearly 20 regions, below were the key findings.

  •  68% participants  rate “trustworthiness” as the most important attribute while choosing a Financial consultant for advice.
  • Individuals with a financial plan are confident on achieving their Goals, but those with a well written, well researched and comprehensive plan are nearly four times more confident about achieving their life financial goals.

So, for the majority of Individuals TRUSTWORTHINESS is a BIG deciding factor when it comes to money matters. Nowadays you will observe that world is filled with SELLERS in the veil of advisers, bankers, planners etc.
The Crucial Steps of Financial Planning
@ Establishing and defining financial planning process
During this step, I interact with you to understand more about your current financial status, past experience of investment (Stocks, MF, Property etc) and also the expectation from your end from me(the planner). I will also let you know the fee structure and the time it takes to complete the process.
@ Data Gathering (Financial and Other)
Once you have agreed to take my services, then I will send you the datasheet, which you will have to fill and send it to me back. Make sure to share the data accurately. We will ensure complete confidentiality of your information.
 @ Analyzing and assessing the financial status
On receiving the data from you, We (the planner and you) must sit together to understand each part of data you shared. Because before I proceed with planning, I must understand the significance of each financial data point and its importance for you to proceed on  further steps of financial planning.
@ Develop the financial planning recommendations and make you understand them
After this process, you have to give me around 7-10 days of time to design and develop a financial plan for you. This is the mirror of your financial life.  You  must understand the plan thoroughly and prepare a list of your doubts and confusions so that they can be taken care in the next meeting.
@ Implement the financial planning recommendations
Once you understood the whole concept of financial planning report, then the next step is to implement it. Implementation means realigning your current investments (if necessary) or starting fresh investments.
I will also suggest to you the best way or implementing the financial plan.
 @ Review of Financial Plan
Annual review and monitoring of financial plan ensures that you are on the right path. Therefore, it is an ongoing process of any financial planning process.
Revision of financial plan may be required when there is a change in your lifestyle, family requirements, employment status and other changes.
Don’t expect from me?
# GUARANTEE on any products or assets where you will be investing.
# Advice based on your convictions on a new and tending investment option.
# Advice to frequently churn your portfolio.
# Advice on direct stock investments.
# I will not help you in IT Returns filing. But, I will guide you on the tax-efficient way of investment.

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