Teacher Training

Teacher Training


  • Program Objectives:
    • Prepare aspirants for Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies teaching assignments for Class XI and XII.
    • Cover Class XI-XII course curriculum exhaustively.
    • Equip aspirants to confidently face interviews at leading schools.
    • Build confidence in delivering effective lectures to students.
    • Enable effective explanation of concepts with underlying logic.
    • Learn tricks and techniques to connect with students and handle queries.
    • Develop soft skills for interactions with students and parents.
  • Prerequisite Qualification:
    • Graduate or Post Graduate in Commerce/Economics/M.B.A, C.A., CFA etc.
  • Course Structure:
    • Intensive Program (2 months) and Weekend Program (3.5 months).
    • Comprehensive coverage by experienced teachers in Accountancy, Economics, or Business Studies.
    • Option for aspirants to choose more than one subject of specialization.
    • Learn class management techniques (handling indiscipline, organizing effective tests, feedback methods).
    • Reference material provided (Assignments, Mock test papers, reference study material).
    • Thorough understanding of CBSE, ICSE board exam patterns, marks distribution, frequently asked questions, MCQ question bank, etc.



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