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We are a team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Valuers in Securities and Financial Assets with extensive Industry experience. Our Services : Coaching for Valuation & associated Subjects, Valuation Consultancy Valuation Coaching Our expertise lies in providing Online & Offline Coaching for “Valuation Courses”, “Financial Modelling Courses”, and “Business Analysis & Valuation Using Financial Statements” taught in various BBA & MBA programs. Also Coaching is provided for Valuation and Financial Modelling courses taught in universities like Delhi University, Harvard University, University of Texas, Kent University, and many leading Universities all around the globe. Highlights of Our Teaching Methodology: Team of Chartered Accountants and Certified Valuers in Securities and Financial Assets with over 20 years of Industry experience. Highlights of Our Teaching Methodology: Online One on One Individual classes in English are provided Support is provided in Case Studies and Course Assignments Help participants develop a practical toolkit to value companies and capital projects, and make investment decisions To optimise cost Small Group classes are also conducted Class recordings are shared with students if needed* Flexible fee payment options (Hourly fee/Course fee) Valuation & Financial Modelling Course Content : Introduction to Valuation. Components of the Valuation process Approaches to Valuation: Discounted Cash flow, Classification of DCF Model, Estimating discount rates- Cost of Equity and Capital. Relative Valuation, Variations on Relative Valuation, Standardized values and multiples- Earnings multiples, Book value multiples, revenue multiples, etc. Role of Valuation Valuation of Intangibles, Value of Synergy, Valuation of real option, Valuation of Start-ups Valuation of Real Company through Discounted Cash Flow and Relative valuation methods Analyzing the Annual report of a Company from a Valuation perspective Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements: Income statement and Balance sheet through Ratio analysis. Analysis of Management Quality. Our Valuation Tutoring is useful for a diverse audience Students pursuing Valuation and Financial Modelling courses Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Board Members, and Business Owners Chartered Accountants, Bankers and Management Consultants Equity Research Analysts and Portfolio managers Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Family Offices Valuation Consultancy Our team of experienced and certified professionals provide following services Business Valuation for all types of Business Valuation for Family settlements Brand valuation & Intellectual property valuation Fairness Opinion with respect to family settlements, mergers Valuation for business spin offs and for restructured entities Forensic Valuations for court cases and legal proceedings Asset valuation for purchase price allocation Startup valuation DCF Valuation : This is one of the widely accepted methodology for valuation. Valuation of business is done on perpetuity assumption, taking in consideration expected future cash flows and discount rate (keeping Long term macros and other relevant factors). Business Valuations: We undertake valuation of business with the intent of providing support for Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation of Business for self assessment, to undertake strategic business decisions like sellouts or buyouts, for settlement of Business disputes. Registered Valuer Services : The services can be used for follow on issue of Shares and Convertible instruments, Arriving on an arrangement using non cash instruments, Valuation of shares held by Minority share holders in listed/unlisted entities, Estimating the Liquidation values of Assets Our Valuation reports can be used for following organizations: Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Income tax authorities Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Stock Exchanges Companies Act Court Cases



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